Author Testimonials

SARA-ously the best!

My fantastic experience with Sara started from the moment that I first hit upon her blog. I have visited hundreds of reviewer sites, and the first two things I look for (basic wishes, I think) are Review Policy and Email Address, so I can know whether to reach out and if so, do it easily. And lo! Sara’s blog is open and inviting and the Review Policy and her Email Address are right there on the front page.

I was fortunate to catch Sara at a time when she was accepting requests. She replied to me promptly but apologized that it wasn’t even faster—an immediate sign of consideration and a harbinger of more good things to come.

I was doubly fortunate that Sara was eager to review my book and showed this with—wait for it—exclamation points in her email. Yes! I must say, I am a huge fan of well-deployed exclamation points in web text and emails, because they show energy and enthusiasm. I appreciate the burst of feeling. Contrast this with book reviewers whose communications are downright forbidding, full of sour cautions and disclaimers. Not Sara! If she needs to explain limits or timing, she does so simply and politely.

Another early indicator of Sara’s consideration: She quickly confirmed that she was able to open my digital review copy and noted that she had immediately updated her Goodreads listing, since my book was already available on Amazon. A little thing? No, not to an author hungry for attention and kindness.

Best of all for both of us—Sara liked my book and wrote a positive and thoughtful review. She immediately notified me when she posted it and offered to also place it in additional venues if I would like.

I’ve never had a better time with a reviewer than I have with Sara. She connected with my work and was delightful and conscientious every step of the way. I hope to offer her more books in the future, and I hope she likes them, because that would be additional honor and pleasure for me. But I know that she would treat me with respect and courtesy regardless of her opinion, and I look for the same in any reviewer. She is a model practitioner of her art.

SIX OUT OF FIVE STARS (not a typo!) for Sara Mc.

Keith Eldred (Author of The Red Button)

I have entrusted Sara with my entire cowboy romance series, and it has been so easy to work with her. She doesn’t ghost me like some other bloggers, and always lets me know when my reviews go live so I can share them around right away. Her reviews are thoughtful and thorough and always have great lines I can pull to share on my social media. I will forever keep her in my roster of bloggers to work with. 5 out of 5 stars!

Isla Ryder (Author of The Harris Twins Trilogy and Greener Pastures)

I am so glad Sara McClaflin reviewed my book.  I always appreciate an honest review, and Sara found things to praise and things that will help me become a better writer. I felt respected as an author; not all reviewers remember how much an author works to get a book written and published, but I feel like Sara understands.

I look forward to reading what she writes about my future books!

Carla Cruit (Author of Friendship Day at Rosy Lane)