Spring Song may be over, but Midsummer celebrations at the House of Silveria come with unexpected challenges. A pair of sand kittens arrive with their handler, Fang, a desert nomad whose people are hounded and oppressed. Set on a secret mission, Fang must accomplish it by any means. At least, that was her plan until she meets Mara, the Stable Master whose scent has long haunted her dreams. Can Desert Warrior Fang accomplish her mission and still win the heart of the woman she desires?

The annual lake outing on Night of Lights is imminent and everyone is excited, until the Reclining Dragon arrives with his liegeman. With these two unwelcome visitors prowling all over the House and the children running wild, Heinregard and Clayten must somehow keep them apart. Will the truth about the wildlings’ parentage be revealed or will they be able to keep the Reclining Dragon in the dark?

Rating: 5 out of 5.


I was lucky enough to receive this book from the author. I hope the prospective reader will read this review fully before making any prejudgments on the book. I will give the book my thoughts. These thoughts are completely my own and not swayed in any way by anyone else’s reviews or opinions.

This is the second book I have read from this author. I must say, this is fun and entertaining to the max. I love a good fantasy romance and this story delivers. Hall has this uncanny ability to create characters with so much depth that you feel like you made a new friend while reading. Hall writes characters in a way that Nicholas Sparks would be proud of. I love that each person written has their own burdens to bare. These characters never flatline. They ebb and flow much like the reader would with age. There is an amazing connection between the two separate sets of couples and this story destroys all the stereotypes of male and female. For example, the men are vulnerable and the women have a bite to their words. I, personally, love when there are different outlooks to humans and not what they should be, but what they can be.

While this book is fantasy, there is some real-world moments that the reader can take into their own life. There is a strong message of being your own person. You are not the mistakes others make and how you want to be treated comes from how you treat others. There is something special about reading a book that creates an atmosphere of fun and doesn’t sugarcoat harder times.

My Rating: I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. I feel that reading this book is like looking at the moon and stars on a really clear night. There is something magical and mystical about looking up into the night sky and wonder what is out there. This book gives you the same feeling. I like that I can make new book friends. There is something about this story as well as the first. You can read my review about that book HERE. I am excited to see what’s next and look forward to the future!








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