Meet Kara Hartman, a photojournalist who is hiding her magic from the world. Traumatized by her brother’s death, she wants nothing more to do with magic. But just when she thought she could neglect her gift, it becomes apparent that the universe has other plans for Kara. When she discovers that an old foe has broken out of prison, hellbent on destroying her new life, Kara has no choice but to embrace the only power that can stop her.

In the Midst of Magic will be released on June 4, 2022.

Rating: 3 out of 5.


I was lucky enough to receive this book from the author. I hope the prospective reader will read this review fully before making any prejudgments on the book. I will give the book my thoughts. These thoughts are completely my own and not swayed in any way by anyone else’s reviews or opinions.

This was a good book. I have to say, I was thinking that the author may write a prequel because I feel like there is so much of the story to tell that is before this one. I liked the world that was created, but I wish there was more to it than just this one book. I feel like the reader was presented with a book and expected to already know so much about the information, especially the systems of beliefs, that wasn’t spoken about.

This isn’t the type of book to expect to google what you don’t know. I feel as if there needs to be more context. I wouldn’t mind a prequel, but I do wish it was written in this book. That being said, the overall story had a nice flow. I am not one to mind the characters taking their own pace in a story. I do love that Kara was extremely independent and not a weak woman who needed to be guided. I love that she worked hard for everything that she received and nothing was really given to her without her deserving it. I like the growth of all of the characters and how they weren’t just stagnant. I am interested to see what is next for this group.

My Rating: I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed it, but I want more. I don’t think I would read the book again without a prequel or even a sequel to answer some of the plot holes that were left in the story. I think that this book has so much potential, and I want to see more of this author’s work. I would tell a reader to embrace the story and take a ride alongside this group. It is worth taking a look at the book if you are even a bit interested. Overall, a good read.

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Temple of Ice by Christian Cura


Goodreads | Amazon will be available June 4, 2022


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