The Usurper King by Zeb Haradon

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was lucky enough to read this book after the author reached out to me and provided me with an ARC. I hope the prospective reader will read this review fully before making any prejudgments on the book. I will give the book my thoughts. These thoughts are completely my own and not swayed in any way by anyone else’s reviews or opinions.

“When Bundy lost the governor election in 2012,” he continued, “I thought I’d never have to hear his name again. But not too long ago I read somethin’ scary in some entrails. Was working from dog entrails, just tryin’ to figure if it was good for farmer Northrup to install a new kinda irrigation system. Instead I got a omen, said a usurper king is gonna be a-comin’ soon, then it said there’s gonna be a rain of fire and that the soldiers is gonna take up arms against eachother.” “Rain of fire?” “Yup. Nuclear war. And civil war too. Weren’t long after that Bundy announced he was runnin’ for president, and I knew who the usurper was. You think you’re ready for more of the story?” I nodded, and then he told me things that made me sick.”

Zeb Haradon-The Usurper King

Can you imagine if we lived in a different universe where Ted Bundy was never convicted? You may think that is bad enough, but it is about to get worse. He is running for president. Jim suffers from a computer-biological virus. He needs money for his treatments. He decides that it would be best if he competes in a game show. Jim has to look at animal excrements and be able to tell the future. He starts finding entrails that match the future of the country with Ted Bundy as the leader of the free world. With entrails leading to Bundy’s past murders, Jim must stop Bundy’s attempt at power before it is too late.

While writing this review, I did have difficulties pinpointing the exact genre of this book. It is an alternate reality, but feels so real at the same time. I do think that as a history buff, it was an interesting concept. I have read my fair share of historical fiction books. This is one that I have enjoyed more than any I read in the past. The characters were amazing and developed well. I do have to say that Ted Bundy was an interesting concept. I have done my fair share of research into serial killers, Bundy included, during my studies in Psychology. I feel that the author did a good job in narrating Bundy and his ideals.

I liked the explanation of Bundy’s life. The points are accurate as well. I thought it was wonderful to see an alternate reality that is still close to what we know. It is scary to think about, but does have a real world aspect to it. We know what Bundy has done. It makes the thrill of the chase that much more alluring.

My Rating: I love this book! It is probably one of my favorites. I was along for the ride from the first moment on. I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars. I love this story. I cannot rave enough about it. I am so excited to experience more this author has to offer. This is an interesting concept that I wasn’t expecting to find. The author did reach out to me, but I was not expecting this. I will read anything this author has written. If you love history, Psychology and unexpected twists and turns then this book is for you.




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