Temple of Ice by Christian Cura

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I was lucky enough to read this book after the author reached out to me. I hope the prospective reader will read this review fully before making any prejudgments on the book. I will give the book my thoughts. These thoughts are completely my own and not swayed in any way by anyone else’s reviews or opinions.

“The vision quest was the last rite of passage for a winter mage before the final exam. It entailed that they go into the wilderness to fast, pray, and meditate until they received a vision from their spirit guide. The vision was most often connected with their destiny as a winter mage.”

Christian Cura-Temple of Ice

As someone who does generally enjoy fast-paced books, I was excited. I have to say that I found some moments weren’t developed through and ideas were missing conclusions. I wanted to love a good short book, but I found myself spinning with some movement that passed by. I feel as if I am missing a huge chunk of the story. The romance aspect seemed to develop quickly. I noticed that there were moments of the getting to know you process that I wanted more of. I needed to read the same section a few times to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I found that I was questioning the speed. I wanted more than just nice to meet you and then I love you with nothing in between.

The world of Khione is beautiful. There was a clear idea on how the author wanted it to look. Although with only 263 pages, there wasn’t enough time to fully develop the land. Since it isn’t just a place in society that we know the look of and can google, this world is completely new. This is taking a journey into the author’s mind to create a whole new place. There was not enough explanation in creating the picture. It feels like imagining a place, but half of it is cloudy. I did have to picture based off of well-known places and the book cover. There was so much we could explore and it seems as if this either needs to be the first book or slightly longer.

My Rating: If you wanted to lose yourself in a short adventure, this is the book for you to go to. It is short and it does get right to the point. I give this book 2 out of 5 stars. I feel as if I needed another 200-300 pages and I would enjoy it more. I noticed that even though I overall enjoy short, fast-paced books, this one was hard for me to get through. I did finish the book completely; I just could not get into it. I saw some wonderful reviews and I wish I caught onto it like others, but this book was just not for me.




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